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I Heart Shannon

So, a few years ago I read Princess Academy, which I LOVED. Shannon Hale has now written several adult fiction novels which I love even more. I just love her writing style and voice. They are so unique and I just feel like I get her sense of humor. In The Actor and the Housewife she even used my favorite phrase: For the love of all that is holy! I mean, I KNOW I didn't coin that phrase, but when I saw it in her book, I thought we must be (as Anne Shirley would say) kindred spirits. I wonder if Shannon Hale has a best friend. Do you think she would be weirded out if I called her and asked if I could be her best friend? Or maybe I could write a letter. Oh, a letter would be perfect! This is what I would write: Dear Shannon Hale: I am your biggest fan. I haven't written a fan letter since I was ten and wrote to Mariah Carey, so you have to know that I'm serious about this. I love your books. All of them! Ok, that's a lie. I haven't read them ALL yet, but when I do, I just know that I will love them ALL! So, you live in Salt Lake, huh? Guess what! SO DO I!!! We should totally be best friends! (If you're willing to overlook the fact that I use exclamation points WAY too much, that is.) Call me! love ya! Megs

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