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I Goofed

I'm so totally embarrassed. I know that it has been forever. Here are my excuses (in no particular order of importance...or un-importance, as the case may be):

1. I have kids.

2. One of those kids is a two year old. 3. I got married. Sure it was YEARS ago, but as a result: 4. I have a husband who likes eating dinner and having a semi-clean home.

5. Gilmore Girls

6. I was planning my husband's 30th birthday party 7. Gilmore Girls

8. Screaming children

9. Screaming children 10. Screaming children 11. Sleeping children and sleeping mommy 12. House Hunters International 13. I have kids (oh, did I already say that?)

14. It snowed. In May. I was depressed and couldn't write.


15. I was busy revising my book and starting another one!

YES! It has been a GOOD couple of months! I attended the LDStorymakers conference in Provo, Utah and it was wonderful! I loved, loved, LOVED it! The workshops were great. The people I met were great. And the big, fat "No, you DIDN'T win anything in the First Chapter Contest because your first chapter STINKS!" was really great too! Ok, so they didn't say that EXACTLY. But no I didn't win anything, and the reason it was still so great was because I got five reviews on my first chapter from other authors and people in the publishing business. And, ok, none of them said my first chapter stinks. There were two that were extremes (one that LOVED it and one that wasn't too big a fan) and the other three liked it a lot but had a bazillion things that I could do better. Which is a great thing! So I came home after the two days and spent hours rewriting just my first chapter, and I think it's SO much better now! The other thing that this conference inspired me to do was to start writing my first novel for the LDS market. The ideas have been sloshing around in my brain for a couple of years but I had yet to write anything down. Now I have the storyline all figured out and five chapters written. So, even though I have grossly neglected my blogs, I promise that I have been a busy writing bee (Do bees know how to write or just how to spell?). So feel free to click back here often because I feel like I'm finally back on track!!

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