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It's Time to Get Off the Couch

I'm the mom of four kids under 7, which sometimes makes me feel like that's all I am. Although my kids are one of my most important and valued blessings, I am so much more than "just a mom."

I'm a woman in a day and age when being a woman is perceived by some as weakness and "so last century."

I'm half Mexican in the above mentioned day and age in which politicians in auditoriums, courtrooms, and forums scream at each other about why my dad's people should or should not work here, love here, grow here, or even exist here.

I am a citizen of the United States of America at a time in which our freedoms are being minimized, exploited and even taken away. When our own countrymen and leaders tell us we should be ashamed of being proud of our country.

I am Mormon at a time when religious freedoms are being stripped from us, bit by bit, in the redundant name of religious freedom.

I am a Mormon, half-Mexican, American woman and mom who is tired of sitting idly by while my country goes to crap.

I was reading an article in a magazine recently in which potential presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said something that inspired me:

"If we are not an exceptional nation, we can quietly continue our slide into insignificance. But if this is the America of Washington, Franklin, Lincoln, Kennedy, Edison, Ford, King and the millions who gave their lives for our freedom, then we must shake off the indifference that has gradually stolen our pride and our freedom and threatens the future of our children."

I'm shaking off my indifference starting now. Because I love my country. I would like to invite of all of you who might be reading this to join me in discovering how we, as insignificant we may think ourselves, can make a difference to our country and to all those who live in it.

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