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Little Mornings

Little Mornings

*Finished 68,000-word YA novel

16-year-old Gabriela’s family is killed under tragic circumstances and Gaby is forced to leave her home in the states to move in with her grandma. All Gaby knows about the man responsible is that he is in the U.S. illegally, and that he’s in jail for what he did. What she doesn’t know is that she is headed straight for the city he calls home in Mexico. 


Despite drowning in feelings of hatred, Gaby grows to embrace Mexico’s colorful culture and unforgettable traditions, amidst the problems she sees that motivate people to leave their country for the dreams and the promise of another. When this leads Gaby to begin seeking out the identity of her family’s killer, an unexpected discovery threatens to send her over the edge for good. Gaby must find the courage to forgive, or risk losing her new-found loved ones, and her place in life all over again.



Learning English Can Make Someone Queasy

*Finished 800-word picture book manuscript

When Elsa Moran comes to the U.S., she is completely confused with the English language. There are so many words that she just can’t seem to figure out! When her teacher decides that it’s time for a spelling bee, will Elsa get one of those dreaded words and be the laughing stock of the class? Or will she miraculously pass out and miss the whole thing? Elsa will have to figure out how to face her fears in order to learn the language and adjust to her new life.



Writing Services

When I'm not writing my own stuff, I'm creating content for other people, like you! Whether you need a blog post, product description, real estate copy, article, or anything else written, I can help you out. Click below to contact me. Please include details of the project you need help with.

Festival of June

*YA work-in-progress set in Brazil


Melody's best friend, Bridget, dies unexpectedly while working as a volunteer in Brazil. When Melody is assigned to the very same place, she's determined to figure out what unfinished business of Bridget's she's destined to complete. When Melody's role instead turns out to be something she never imagined, will she be able to fulfill it, or will someone else's future be adversely affected by her inaction?

Operation Amigos

*Work-In-Progress sequel to Little Mornings


Trains, dogs, swimming and walls. Getting to the U.S. isn't for the faint-hearted. But Marco's family depends on him and so he'll do what it takes, even if it means putting his life on the line in the process.

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